Roof rats, Norway rats, mice and other rodents constitute an ongoing problem to residents in Santa Clara County. Rodents, especially roof rats are common co-inhabitants in our homes, regardless of socio-economic boundaries.

What attracts them? Unmanaged vegetation near buildings, particularly Algerian ivy, fruit trees where fruit is not cleaned up off the ground; homes with crawlspaces where the air vent screens are missing or have holes greater than the size of a quarter; any other holes in buildings that they can reach from the ground, by crawling up the wall or via cables from telephone poles, etc. 

If you think you have rodent problems call us at (408) 918-4770 or email your request for a free inspection and recommendations.

How to tell a Roof rat from a Norway rat? See below.

Key characteristics of Norway and Roof Rats; differences in tail, body, ear, eye, and nose.
Key characteristics of Norway and Roof Rats

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