Stinging Insects

Wasp on a leaf

Yellow​jackets and Wasps

Santa Clara County's 100,000+ acres of parkland appear to be particularly suited for yellowjackets. Due to their omnivorous habits, yellowjackets are attracted to picnics where they may show up in great numbers. Standing or sitting near a yellowjacket nest can be dangerous since they defend aggressively, and unlike bees, yellowjackets don't lose their stinger when they sting and can sting multiple times. The District assists in controlling and removing yellowjacket and wasp nest removal in public areas only. For private properties, please contact a pest control service of your choice. 


Have a swarm of bees on your property? Contact the Santa Clara Valley Beekeepers Guild for assistance and removal of bee swarms.

Asian Giant Hornets

Asian Giant Hornets (AGHs) are native to Asia but have recently been spotted in the state of Washington. AGHs have not been identified in California at this time, but the United States Department of Food and Agriculture is monitoring for their presence. AGHs do not usually target people or pets but can attack if they feel threatened. AGHs are VERY large (1 ½  to 2 inches in length) and have a yellow or orange head, large eyes, and a black and yellow stripped abdomen. For a visual size comparison of the AGH, and other stinging insects, click here​.

If you think you have found an AGH, stay at a safe distance and contact the California Department of Food and Agriculture Report a Pest Hotline by calling 1(800) 491-1899 or visiting their website.

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